Michael Kvium

The Danish artist Michael Kvium (born 1955) has for four decades created works that mercilessly depict the folly of man and all corners of life. Since Kvium graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1979 – 1985) his characterful portrayals have left a strong impression in the history of art as well as the beholders consciousness. The narrative paintings unfold on a stage from the moment theater curtain rises to the second the curtain falls like the course of life from born to death. The works paradoxically evoke feelings of both enthusiasm and disgust and their expression is situated is both abstraction and realism that can be impossible to shake from one’s consciousness. A persistently strong expression has been the force of the artist’s oevre from the first experiments in his performance art and video in the 1980s until today where he has consistently asked critical questions about both the fall and grace of western civilization. Michael Kvium’s works have been presented at a number of solo and group exhibitions, both here in Denmark and Internationally, most recently at Gropius Bau Berlin DE, Kunsthal Rotterdam, NL. Arken Museum, DK, ARoS Museum, DK, Kunsthalle Göppingen, Red Brick Museum, Beijing CH, The Today Art Museum, Beijing, CH, Faurschou, CH, Schenzhen Guan Shanyue Art Museum, CH.

Solo Exhibitions


Group Exhibitions


Cirkus I and Europa II, 2 videos, Cirkus Europa, prod. Michael Kvium
Michael Kvium Cirkus Europa, Louisiana Channel
The Scetch, Portraitt of Michael Kvium, Museum Holmen, Løgumkloster

“The Naked Eye –a Film about the painter Michael Kvium”, Peter Klitgaard, Prod. Dino Raimond Hansen

The Wake, 11th Cairo International Bienniale, Cairo, Egypt

The Wake, a film by Christian Lemmerz and Michael Kvium
The Wake on Tour:
    13/11-00 - 30/1-2001 Pinacoteca, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    16/11-00 - 30/1-01 Bienal de Arte de la Habana, Cuba
    6/12-00 – 31/1-01 Bienal Arte de Buenos Aires, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Argentina
    16/1 – 10/2-01 The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburg, England
    9/2-4/3-91 Horsens Museum of Art, Horsens, Denmark
    30-31/3-01 Centro de Arte Moderna, Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian, Lissabon

”The Wake”, ( 8 hour silent movie by Christian Lemmerz and Michael Kvium
The Wake on tour:
    13/9, Royal Danish Museum of Art, Art Biennal 2000
    16/12 – 15/10, Amsterdam, World Wide Video Festival
    4/11 - Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany

"Voodoo-Europa,” 35mm., w. Chr. Lemmerz

"Albert at Andy's,” Portrait of (the danish artist) Albert Mertz

"Grød,” (Porridge), 16mm., w. Performance group Værst

Represented At

Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Finland
Red Brick Contemporary Art Museum, Bejing, China
Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
Shenzhen Guan Shanyue Art Museum, China
ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Aarhus, Denmark
Cabinet Des Estampes, Geneve, Switzerland
Esbjerg Art Museum, Esbjerg, Denmark
Gothenburg Art Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden
Haugar Vestfold, Tønsberg, Norway
Herning Art Museum, Herning, Denmark
Horsens Museum of Modern Art, Horsens, Denmark
Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, Aalborg, Denmark
South Jutland Museum of Art, Denmark
The Department of Prints and Drawings at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark
The Nordic Watercolor Museum, Göteborg, Sweden
The Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark
Vejle Art Museum, Vejle, Denmark
West Zealand Art Museum, Sorø, Denmark